Morning Start Tea
Morning Start Tea

Morning Start Tea

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Morning Start Tea is a combination of ingredients which support weight loss process. Yerba Mate helps to burn accumulated body fat. The hydroxycitric acid, which is contained in the extract of Garcinia cambogia, has a beneficial effect on body’s physiological functions associated with digestion processes and metabolism. It helps to reduce the feeling of hunger and thus supports maintaining proper body weight.


Pu-erh tea, hibiscus flower, elderberry fruit, apple peels, rosehip, dry extract of garcinia cambogia.


- stimulates production of digestive juices and stimulates intestine work, which speeds up the metabolism, resulting in fat burning<

- regulates metabolism, regulates body weight

- accelerates toxins removal from body; has diuretic effect

- lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, thus improves circulation

- is rich in minerals and microelements, calcium, manganese and caffeine

- contains significant amounts of essential oils and proteins

- has beneficial effect on internal organs: mainly digestive system and liver

- contained fluoride helps to protect teeth from decay

- improves memory, concentration and mood

- strengthens body