Zoe McIntyre

customer since Aug 19, 2014

I have been purchasing skinny herb tea for the last 2 yrs, I absolutely love this product! When I didn't receive my last order (lost in the mail during holiday) Customer service was on point ! Super helpful and they sent me my product. I recommend this company on customer service alone however the tea is really great!

Arline Soberon Diaz

customer since Jun 27, 2014

We have tried your teas twice. The first time, my daughter wanted to purchase them and the results were really good. Therefore, now that my body is going through menapausal changes, I have decided to try them. So far, I am very happy with the results, My body has begun to eliminate all the water retention that was causing extra volume around my waste.

Megan Grosvenor

customer since Jan 19, 2015

Love your product best tea iv ever tried, never had better results with any other brand! :)

Christy Anderson

customer since May 10, 2016

I love detox tea!! I drink the bedtime tea. I am not a morning tea drinker, so I don't really drink the morning tea. Thanks so much.

Kimberly Braga

customer since Mar 15, 2014

I love detox skinny herb tea! The day tea makes me feel energized and ready for the day. The nighttime tea makes me feel lighter come morning!

Lorenza Valdez

customer since Feb 9, 2014

I have ordered twice from you and both times I did the 28 day/night and I have to say I think it is the best tea I have ever had. The taste is so fresh at night and so sweet for the day (not too sweet) but it definitely makes me feel good. I tried them for the amount of time and followed the directions and let me tell you... I have had problems and with eating better the tea really helped be get back on track. I was no longer bloated or got the awful pains in my tummy. I would recommend this to anyone who is trying to eat better and feel amazing because I sure do!

Shawn Vanderford

customer since Mar 23, 2016

The teas are awesome I totally love everything about them thank you so much.

Cynthia Ashton

customer since Feb 19, 2015

First off, customer service is great! I missed my packaged and they send it back to sender, and they re-delivered it to me free of charge! They really care about there customers. The diet is hard, the exercise is easy. I've done the Teatox two times and both times were really hard.The teatox is not easy at all, preparing your body for the detox is the hard part, keeping the diet while on the detox, exercising while on the detox and tummy hurting during the detox. You can literally feel your tummy shrinking and losing all craving for food. I've lost 12 pounds in one week, and kept off 8 of it. I use this to kick start my healthy habits (more like putting them back in check) and to start my healthy eating. This stuff works but it's is not easy to do, you really have to want the life change. Not just to lose weight, change your life for the better.

Melitsa Vasilakis

customer since Aug 20, 2014

I love Detox Skinny Herb Tea. I have other similar teas and have not gotten the same result. I will just stick to what I know works and that is Detox Skinny Herb Tea!

Ashley Summers

customer since Jun 1, 2015

Great! Only thing I have found that makes a regular :)

Janique Rodriguez

customer since Jul 9, 2015

Love them !

Goldie Janell

customer since May 24, 2014

Hello! I really love your teas! They work miracles on my body. I love knowing that all the bad stuff is leaving my body. My boyfriend loves the teas also and tend to steal some of mine lol.

Susan Martello

customer since Dec 31, 2015

Detox skinny herb tea is definitely the BEST I was kinda skeptical to try at 1st but glad I did. I got my bikini body within the 1st 2 weeks ❤️

Raquel Rolon

customer since May 22, 2015

Detox Skinny Herb Tea is one of the best teas I have had for detox purposes. I normally am not a tea drinker but the flavor is great and works exactly as stated. I lost 5-6 pounds the first time I used it on the 14 day plan and I felt much more energized. I have recommended this to multiple people.

Rossy Velez-Ruiz

customer since May 4, 2014

I love them! I had taste other products and they are not as effective.

Toyah Thomson

customer since Jul 20, 2014

I totally love your teas! i use them every spring to shed stubborn fat before summer time, i have also got two of my girl friends onto your teas too, they love them and are seeing results. The taste is great and its super easy to use, i don’t even need to change my eating habits at all.

Diana Gerson

customer since May 13, 2015

I have tried both the morning start and the bedtime teas. I love the bedtime tea (although I do steep the tea for longer than suggested). While I don't mind the taste of the morning start, I have not noticed any benefits from drinking it. A little frustrating, but it has become part of my morning routine.

Amanda Scott

customer since Apr 7, 2014

This tea is great help me with my energy.

Thuan Le

customer since Jul 4, 2014

Love your tea. It's very effective on weight loss and getting rid of gas and bloating. Thank you so much.

Ashlee Hanson

customer since Jun 5, 2014

Hey! I love your teas! This is my 3rd time doing the 28 Day cleanse. I've been doing it about 2x/year when I feel really bloated, heavy, lazy & tired. It really does help invigorate me! It's easier for me to work out when I feel like I don't have a spare tire to work around! Squats here I come!

Khaled Alkuaik

customer since Mar 9, 2016

I do love Detox.

Justin Walters

customer since Jul 31, 2015

We love the detox skinny herb tea. The night time tea isn't too harsh like other teas we have tried. We can feel the "flush" but are not debilitated by it. Definitely see slimming effects and increased energy as time goes on!

Jamie Chan

customer since Sep 17, 2015

I love these detox teas. The morning teas really help curb my appetite particularly during the mid afternoon sweet crave. The night tea works wonders for me in terms of encouraging me to be regular and "flushing" me out. I'm less likely to feel bloated when I'm drinking these teas.

Stephanie Faris

customer since Sep 27, 2014

Love detox skinny herb! I do wish it came in a pouch though. And that the shipping was quicker, but otherwise I love everything about it!

Jovanny Narvaez

customer since Feb 22, 2016

I love this tea! Is the best!!

Alexis Leong

customer since Sep 27, 2014

I love them. Help me regularise my system without too much unpleasant and discomfort feeling. I believe the ingredients are all natural and non chemical

Jennifer Diaz

customer since Feb 17, 2016

I love skinny herb tea! It keeps my bloat down and has helped me find confidence in my body again!

Jessica Rascon

customer since May 26, 20156

The daytime and bedtime teas are awesome! I've dropped 20 pounds and been able to maintain the weight loss. I feel healthy and full of energy. Thank you!

Alyssa Ramirez

customer since May 21, 2014

I love Detox Skinny Herb Tea! It's tastes great. I always look and feel healthier after.

Jennifer Cabrera

customer since Jul 14, 2014

It definitely did help with bloating 100% however in terms of losing weight I think it's great at jumpstarting but you just can't use the tea alone to loose weight. Healthy eating and exercising is key.

Yamile Estrella

customer since Oct 17, 2014

Love the tea. Thank you.

Samantha Sinclair

customer since Apr 10, 2015

I love skinny herb detox! Following the free meal guide has allowed me to get healthy and feel good! This will be my 5th time buying the detox.

Thekra Al-Musaiter

customer since Apr 12, 2015

I love your tea, it has helped me lose 12 pounds in a month with a little exercise. Plus, it is very delicious. Will be ordering again soon!

Stephanie Cajigas

customer since May 30, 2015

I honestly love this tea. My best friend and I first tried it in high school and I loved the results. Then in college I kept finding new advertised teas and would think why not try these, but nothing compares. I’ll start some new tea regimen then either dislike the taste or won’t see any results as fast as this detox. I always stop before I finish the new one and immediately order this set again. I’ll always keep coming back.

Jolika Delorme

customer since Nov 22, 2014

I love Detox Skinny Herbs! It works well with my bloating, the only thing i wish is that my stomach wouldn't hurt at night or when i wake up for the bedtime tea. But what i do is put chamomile in it to help a little bit. The day tea is perfect! I don;t have the urge to eat much with it.

Glenny Hernandez

customer since Aug 21, 2015

I love the bedtime tea! I don't feel a difference with the morning tea.

Sandrella Daoud

customer since Jul 11, 2016

I Love your detox!! I use it very often and get so good results!

Clara Jaquez

customer since Aug 21, 2015

I love this tea.

Aurora Martinez

customer since Jul 5, 2016

I would like to say THANK YOU so much! I've been very satisfied with your teas! I have been using them and I have lost 6 pounds!! Including eating clean and exercising, I am able to lose my baby fat! Honestly, I have been struggling to get rid of my muffin top since I gave birth to my son. I will most likely return to buy more teas from you! Thanks again! ;)

Janella Herrera

customer since Dec 4, 2014

I love this tea! It helps me with bloating

Adria Croes Pérez

customer since Nov 8, 2016

Hi! I love Detoxskinnyherbtea! I helps me get rid of those last pesky 5 kilo's that annoy me from to time.. It's a quick start for me after a holiday back into a healthy lifestyle. I use this tea every two years, so that my body doesn't get a-costumed to the effects and also because I work in the medical field. I know for a fact that the bowel could get lazy from laxative tea's. Just to keep healthy.

Gloria Story

customer since Jul 24, 2014

I enjoy the day and night teas, I have seen wonderful results and my husband notices as well. I seem to have a lot more energy and me exercising more seems to bring the weight down even faster. I am also a martial artist and seen a lot of improvement in my uniform size. I was at a size 5 and down to a 4. My instructor has even the notice on my weight change and said keep up the good work. I eat better and also changing the eating habits for my family.

Euphemia Landayan

customer since Jun 25, 2014

I really love your detox skinny herb tea. It makes my metabolism so fast. And for only a few days of drinking it, you can already the results. I'm grateful.

Debra Mitchell

customer since Jun 8, 2015

Your Detox herb teas are fabulous. I always double order when you have a sale because it works so well to detox my system. The Detox Skinny a Herb tea is wonderful for after a vacation of eating in a manner the body is not accustomed to. The flavor is mild and drinkable without dreading it. I will keep ordering these teas and keep feeling clean and refreshed.

Yanette Camacho

customer since Mar 4, 2015

Hello I absolutely love your Skinny Herb Detox Tea it is my Favorite! I tried other teas but by far this is my favorite for sure. I recommend this tea to anyone!! Absolutely LOVE it.

Sarah Hilaire

customer since Mar 24, 2014

I love your teas. They help me a lot. They help with bloating especially! I feel really light after drinking your teas especially with good diet and exercise I lose weight faster. Even though sometimes I drink your teas without exercising, and I still lose pounds and inches. That makes me really happy. This is why I keep coming back. I can't stay away lol :)

Diana Guzman

customer since Apr 27, 2014

I love this product, this is my go to tea when a detox is needed. I have tried other products out on the market and this product does not compare. I absolutely love the taste and enjoy it every time. The only thing that is a bit disappointing is the shipping cost being that I order from California. Other than that this is a great product and will continue purchasing it.

Vassilia Sideras

customer since May 30, 2014

The tea is a very good purchase, it suppressed my appetite and allowed me to lose some water weight. It was a good start to begin a diet or working out, and I was very happy with the results.

Ally Tschantz

customer since Dec 9, 2014

I love skinny herbs especially the bedtime one! It helps clean you out and helps me fall asleep faster!

Karen Mojica

customer since Sep 4, 2014

Hello, I love Detox Skinny Herbs tea cleanse. I usually do this cleanse every 6 months and I always loose about 10 lbs. but it is very hard to keep the weight off. It's the only cleanse I do and I have recommended it to many friends. I love the fact that you give us a meal sample prep for us to follow.

D Crawford

customer since Dec 15, 2015

Detox Skinny Herb Tea makes me feel happy from the inside, out. One small bag of goodness makes a lovely refreshing pot of tea that I sip throughout the day. My bedtime blend helps me sleep better and helps me wake up feeling refreshed and fit from the get to, with bags of energy to boot. all the best.

Adelina Gashi

customer since May 25, 2014

Hello detoxskinnyherb It is the best tea I have try, but you know it already because I have ordered it so many times!

Jumana Nashnoush

customer since Feb 2, 2015

I absolutely love it and recommend it to my sister and friends.. they all love it and I'm planning to order more by end of this week.

PX Beeson

customer since Jun 13, 2014

I love using this tea in conjunction with healthy eating and time at the gym! It is not a miracle tea that will remove fat and make you lose weight without having to change your lifestyle!

Shynese Mosley

customer since May 15, 2015

I absolutely love your teas. The bedtime tea is my favorite. It releases the toxins from my body and curbs my appetite. You will always have a customer. The teas never let me down.

Angelica Munoz

customer since Jul 23, 2014

I love the teas because they keep me regular! No gas, no bloating! I have tried so many and so many home remedies and this is the only thing that works. Thanks!

Morgan Reed

customer since Jul 7, 2015

I really love your teas! They not only taste great, they also work very well! I have a lot of digestive issues and they really help!

Linda Ly

customer since Oct 17, 2015

I love your tea! It is the only thing that helps me with my bloating and I can always rely on it. :)

Sherrell Fulford

customer since Mar 29, 2015

I Love Love Love this tea! It does wonderful with diet and exercise! Can’t live without it! Thanks Detox Skinny Herb Tea!;)


customer since Nov 6, 2014

I absolutely love detox skinny herb tea!!! It tastes amazing and it does its job! I wasn't as hungry, and it made me feel good on the inside. After finishing the 28 day detox, I felt so much lighter and healthier. I am definitely ordering it again very soon!

Lauren Adriaan

customer since Nov 16, 2015

I have been using your detox tea for quite some time and love it! I am running low and would love to purchase more! Am loving the results and flat tummy!

Petra Woodard

customer since Oct 26, 2015

ruly love the bedtime tea and should make that one in a larger quantity without the day time one.

Cynthia Ramirez

customer since Sep 18, 2014

I simply love this tea, It not only helps me lose weight it also helps me with my bowel problems, every time I drink it I feel awesome and my health and energy improves too. Thank You So Much :)

Elsemarie Jungersen

customer since Sep 11, 2015

I love you detox tea very much ;-)

Rahel Ebner

customer since Jul 25, 2014

I love them ☺ can’t wait to order them again

Aleex Balogh

customer since Jul 19, 2014

I love them, for me the best when I use the morning and the night tea together. My friend couldn't do together, it made her stomach ache, although when I was finishing the one month I had stomach ache as well, but I feel that comes with the process. I'm trying to do a month detoxification every year, and this detox tea makes it so much easier. Thank you!

Marina Kontorinakis

customer since Mar 9, 2016

Love the night time tea! Really helps me!

Jina Bootcheck

customer since Sep 26, 2016

I absolutely loveE love love your tea… I have tried several different companies and yours by far is the best! My belly stays flat and I love it!

Helen Wong

customer since Nov 24, 2014

I love the bedtime tea bags. My sister uses the daytime bags.

Jessica Ekstrom

customer since Mar 25, 2016

I love the morning start! Especially on days when I feel a little bloated. Works like a charm!

Catherine Ackerman

customer since Jul 9, 2015

I love this product! Although there are many detox teas all over social media, I always come back to this one. It definitely does the job. I would highly recommend this tea to anybody wanting a flatter stomach.

Valerie Azoulay

customer since Feb 11, 2016

Love the product on my third detox, worth drinking the day one also leaves you full of energy and curves your appetite

Ross jackson

customer since Apr 21, 2016

The morning start and bed time cleanse are actually doing wonders for me so I love the products and will obviously continue to buy.

Miriam Lord

customer since Jun 4, 2015

Love the tea. Works every time to get me debloated and re-set when working towards weight loss goals!

Michelle Praught

customer since Aug 25, 2014

I love the tea! I order regularly! I could not at any age be content to take my place in a corner...and look on

Klara Kelava

customer since Oct 23, 2014

I Love them becuse It helps me to lose weight. And It helps to cleanse my body and speed up metabolism.

Aysha Hasan Alkhaja

customer since Feb 9, 2016

The tea is amazing and I use it for a while its gave me an amazing result.

Justyna Balonis

customer since Mar 14, 2015

I love Detox Skinny Herb Teas, they made my belly flat, my skin flawless and help me feel good in my body again.

Sarah Little

customer since Aug 20, 2015

I like the tea its a good quick fix to remove bloating 2weeks before an event but I don't find it helps me loose weight at all

Joette Richardson

customer since Oct 17, 2014

I have purchased the Detox Skinny Herb Tea a couple of times now and I am very happy with this product. I’ve tried both the Morning Start and the Bedtime Cleanse and they go hand in hand, in my opinion. I’ve noticed change from the very first time I tried it. I feel less bloated, lighter and combined with a few weekly workouts, I notice that my metabolism speeds up, causing me to lose weight faster. I have recommended your the Detox Skinny Herb Tea to a few of my friends.

Saba Kifle

customer since Oct 7, 2015

I wanted to loose weight and have A flat belly and 2 weeks after I started detox I saw The differences my belly looked slimer and when I eat I dont feel heavy No more so I recommanded to MY friends!! Now I want to order another pack detox tea beacause i now It is good for my body and Im doing sport so i have another goal to reach .

Melanie Harris

customer since Apr 17, 2015

I'm happy with the teas. They have a good taste and make me feel better.

Mario Caruso

customer since Jan 12, 2015

I'm a kind of gym addict, so daily I use complement to increase my performance. Complements use to extra load the liver, so that's why I alternate some detox period! Detox skinny herb tea is the best solution for a complete clean of organism. I tried other tea but detox skinny herb tea is far away the best on the market.

Judy Uresk

customer since May 8, 2015

I absolutely love, love, love it! They have a wonderful taste , and it's nice to know that they're good for me :-) such a relief !! I have quite a few food sensitivities and therefore am very extremely limited as to what I can eat and drink and so this has been a true blessing.

Melissa Goede

customer since Jun 27, 2014

Love the teas.. they work great and taste good!