Bedtime Cleanse Tea
Bedtime Cleanse Tea

Bedtime Cleanse Tea

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Bedtime Cleanse Tea is a combination based on natural ingredients, supporting removal of toxic substances from body. Suitably selected components contribute to improving the functioning of stomach, intestines and kidneys, as well as to better absorption of nutritients by body. It facilitates defecation. Detox Herb Tea regenerates urinary, intestinal and immune systems.


black elder fruit, hawthorn fruit, nettle leaves, chicory root, knotweed herb, lovage root, dandelion root, rosehip peel, sweet flag rhizome, flaxseed, peppermint leaf, fennel fruit, orange peel, Garcinia cambogia, chamomile flowers.


- naturally cleanses body out of toxins and other unwanted substances

- helps to cleanse colon and liver

- eliminates impurities and toxins from body

- helps to maintain proper body weight

- contributes to better absorption of nutritients

- supports better functioning of stomach and intestines (removal of fecal deposits, constipation, diarrhea, flatulence and hyperacidity, heartburn and hemorrhoids)

- regenerates intestinal, immune and urinary systems

- assists in removing excess water from body

- relieves discomfort and urinary canal systems

- prepares digestive canal to remove unnecessary chemicals

- removal of parasitic organisms

- supplies necessary fiber, which provides appropriate job gastroenteritis